Sunday, October 2, 2011

"In early times some sufferer had to sit up with a toothache, and he put in the time inventing the German language."

I was very unproductive from Monday until Friday simply because we had a project week.  The topic I chose for the project was influence of American youth culture through to television.  You would think that all of the people would want to ask me questions and things of that nature. Well, you would be wrong. I tried to help as much as I could, which wasn't much, but no one seemed to care that I embody American youth culture and I'm sitting right across the table from them.  So I really only sat for five hours for five days.  However, every project had to set up a stand and on Friday the parents walked around and looked at all of the topics.  Because I can't speak German as well as my fellow German students I got to leave early. 

So me and some friends went to Aurich bowling but our bus showed up late so we didn't get much time to play.  I lost every game we played by a lot but bowling is stupid anyway. After we finished our game we went to McDonalds and I can say for certain that the portions here are smaller but somehow more expensive.  Once I ate my very unsatisfying meal we were late to the bus, but we just got there in time.  I tried searching for my bus ticket but I didn't know what I did with it and the bus was about to leave so I had to pay for another bus ticket which made me quite angry.  I actually found my ticket once I was on the bus and I went to ask if I could possibly get my money back but my bus driver was very angry when I said that and yelled some German at me but I didn't seem him reaching for money so I sat back down. 

Once we got home we went to my house and watched movies.  Saturday and Sunday were spent sleeping and hanging around.  The following week wasn't anything special either.  It was spent reading during the day and sleeping in the afternoon and evening.  On Friday I had a birthday party for an exchange student from Estonia.  So I put on my good pants and went to her house where we had dinner and just messed around.  She turned 18 which in Germany is a big deal.  So one of the presents she got was a bottle of vodka.  But it was a very small party of only eight people.  Later that night we went to another, larger party. While I was dancing at this other party a guy fell on me and popped one of the lenses out of my glasses. So I was a little upset. 

So once I was going home I had to do it without glasses which was hard but I had Esteban with me in case something happened.  We finally reached home at 3am and went straight to bed.  I woke up at 9am and had some warm brotchen which we have every Saturday. I was going to go to Aurich for its smaller form of Oktoberfest but it was just too lazy of a day.  So I stayed in and just hung out.  But on a better note German is getting easier everyday and I can say that one of the weirdest feelings is understanding somebody fully in another language. It feels abnormal and almost surreal! So I will try and update more frequently now. Bis dann!

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