Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Perfekt.

I know I said I would post after my sleepover but I've been really busy and also quite lazy.  So, last Friday was the going away party for my host brother Fritz who is going to Russia for a year.  The party was really fun and I met a lot of German kids which is great.  Though there was a lot of drinking I only had a few beers. Being responsible and such.  I went to bed at 3am and had to wake up at 9am so I could get ready and go to the sleepover. When I got there all of the others were already sitting waiting to be talked to.  I found out quite quickly that I had sat in the Spanish section.  It turned out that there were twenty-five Brazilians, ten South Americans, five Europeans, and thirteen Americans.  After we got talked to we had lunch where everyone got to know each other. Then we had to get together in our country groups and think of a little presentation for our country. You'd think it would be easy to think of a presentation for the USA but it was actually really really hard! We somehow figured something out and performed it in front of all the parents.  But, like always, the Brazilians topped ours by a huge margin.

After we were all done we all packed up and went to a gym where we were all going to stay for the night.  We first ate then we started our ice breaker games.  I didn't win one game but it was still a lot of fun.  After our games we started our hippie party and they had music and dancing.  It was a lot of fun and it went until 2am.  Since the night before I didn't get much sleep I wanted to go to bed but I couldn't.  If you don't know any Brazilians then you don't know how much they love to talk and have fun.  They were up talking until 5am and they aren't quiet.  But once I finally fell asleep at 5 it wasn't a very good sleep and we all got woken up at 8am.  We cleaned up and groggily ate breakfast then went home.  Sunday was when Fritz left so when I got home no one was there so I went to bed.  I only slept two hours before I woke up then I watched tv.  Since it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 there were a couple shows that talked about it.  Other than that I just hung out all day.  Monday wasn't spectacular.  Just school then home. 

Tuesday I woke up and took a shower and when I went to the kitchen there were candles and they started singing happy birthday.  It was so cool and they I opened their gift and it was a Werder Bremen shirt.  Werder is their favorite team by far.  It was great! After I went to school and I was late so I kind of went quickly to my seat and tried to hastily get my stuff settled.  Out of no where my class started singing happy birthday which caught me off guard.  But it was a good moment and it was very nice.  Otherwise school was school.  However, after school the exchange students and I had a plan to go to Aurich for my birthday.  Since I'm from rural USA I've never ridden a public bus before so I had to be told how to do everything.  It's a lot easier than I expected plus it's actually very nice.  The bus was very full because they don't have school buses so students ride the public bus.  But it's free because the school gives you a card that says you can go to and from school for free.  After our hour long bus ride, we arrived in Aurich which is the closest large city to me.  We started walking and taking pictures and just messing around. We only had a couple hours to look because we had a Rotary meeting that night and Taina's sister was picking us up so we could be on time. We stopped at a clothing store because Wiesmoor really has no good clothes and it's not like I could bring all of my clothes.  So we stopped there and Esteban and I were just walking around when Taina ran over saying "where were you" "we have to go my sister's here" so we looked at each other thinking we had been in the same spot the whole time how could she not notice us.  When we walked out of the store Paula, Taina, Esteban and Joao (Brazilian friend) started singing happy birthday and they had a card and a doughnut as a cake.  It was so cool and I really was caught off guard.  It was awesome and the doughnut was really good too! After that her sister really did come and we went to the Rotary meeting.  It was boring like usual but Rotary gave me a chocolate bar and a flashlight for my birthday. I think they threw it together last minute but it's the thought that counts right?

Wednesday was a really slow, really long, and really boring day.  When I got home I found out that Fritz might be coming home because he thought he had 90 days to get a visa but he needed it when he got there.  It's weird because they let him into Russia without a visa on September 11th nonetheless, then they're going to send him back because he doesn't have a visa. So my mother was very stressed and very aggravated.  Thursday I started reading a book in class because I don't understand much and by the end of the day I finished it.  It was only 200 pages but that's still impressive I think.  Friday was hectic. Not because of school but there was a party with some of the exchange students in Bremen.  I wasn't going because I was going to a birthday party instead but Esteban was going and he wasn't prepared at all.  He had no one to stay with over night because the buses don't run all night.  So we worked hard to find someone for him to stay with and we finally found Bjorn who would let him stay.  It was actually really difficult.  But my plans fell in because my friend who was taking me had a soccer game that went until 10:30 and I wouldn't have been able to get there until 11:30 and for my mother that was too late to go by bike.  So I stayed in which was nice because I went to bed early and slept in late.  I feel refreshed and energized and ready to sit around all day and watch tv!  I will update in a week or two depending if I do anything or not.

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