Saturday, September 3, 2011


Blutenfest is definitely the best part of my exchange thus far!!  But starting where I left off, Thursday was pretty boring.  Friday after school Esteban came over because he was going to help decorate Bluten wagen with my family.  We didn't leave to decorate until 6 so we had time to mess around in Wiesmoor and at my house.  When we went to decorate it turned out we were just too late.  However, we helped clean up and things just so we could say we helped.  After we were done with that we walked around and looked at all of the wagen.  When you see them you will know that it took a town to make them because they are very detailed and well done.  Tomorrow they are driving them through the town and I will get pictures of that.  After we were done with the wagen we went home and Esteban stayed at our house because it was already dark and he isn't sure where he really lives.  So we watched the Germany vs. Austria soccer game.  Of course Germany won and now they are qualified for the Euro 2012 which I hope I'm able to see while I'm still in Germany. 

On Saturday we got up like usual at about 10 and Esteban biked home at 11. I had a couple hours to mope around before I had a soccer game.  at about 1 I got picked up by my teammate Florian and we drove to Wiesmoor Stadium to meet the rest of the team.  After they were all there we had to drive to Westrhauderfehn which is 40km away almost in Leer.  We got lost several times but once we got there we only had 20 minutes to get changed and warm up.  I didn't play and I won't because it is very expensive to be on the team and I only need to do practices.  After the game, which ended 4-2 with Hinrichsfehn losing, we got packed up and headed back to Wiesmoor.  I got home about 6 then ate and was off to dämmer shoppen by 8.  Dämmer shoppen is a big party that takes place in Wiesmoor Stadium.  It has food, dancing and fireworks.  When you went in to the stadium they gave you a wristband.  Green meant you could drink anything, yellow meant you could only drink beer, and purple meant you couldn't drink any alcohol.  I of course was yellow and I will say I had a few beers but not to many because I wanted to show I am responsible.  I met Esteban and Paula there, and we found others that we knew and just messed around, cracking jokes, and much laughing.  Once the fireworks started they turned all of the lights off and I will say it was one of the coolest firework shows I've ever seen. At about 1am we all went to get something to eat, so we went into the big tent.  As I was standing a guy came from behind me and grabbed my shoulders.  I turned around and expected my host father, but it turned out to be an absolutely hammered man who couldn't even tell which way was up.  I tried to push him but I froze because I'm not used to drunk behavior so my friend pushed him hard away and he left then.  I felt very emasculated but she just laughed it off.  After that we went back out into the open and talked more until 2 when I left.  I would say that that was the best night of my entire exchange so far.  I had so much fun and I wish it happened every weekend.  One thing that I will say about Wiesmoor or Germany I don't know how it is in other places, but many kids who aren't even sixteen yet were smoking at the party.  But here they said it's normal which surprised me even more.  Now back to the Blutenfest.  On Sunday there is the crowning of the Blütenkönigin or queen of flowers.  There is no king but one queen and two princesses.  After that they have the wagen ride around the streets and it will be a lot of fun.  Next Saturday is my sleepover in Oldenburg so I will may have one before and after but most likely just after.

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